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 I love my dance community, my shimmy sisters. SO MUCH!



Look what troupe, Jewel in the Lotus just did! OMG you ladies ROCK!

cancer cant

Cancer Can’t..

..based on a true Story.. mine.

Here it is.. My Ewing’s sarcoma cancer journey.. my life since diagnosis.. b

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Where did it take you?

Please enjoy:


Everything is less intimidating, in rainbow.
Song off soundtrack I and a friend made on Garage Band for movie of my cancer journey, ‘Cancer Can’t.’
We wanted all original songs and one that sounded, “radiationY.. “
We set out to find the right sounds.
Radiationy was born.
Dubstep seemed natural choice.
Hope you enjoy.  

Video will be released next.

Cancer Can’t Trailer


Yeah, the above happened earlier this year.  I was a bug alien belly dancer and totally in character. 🙂

My friend Shaina and I have been hard at work on a video of my journey the past year.  Here’s the Trailer. It turned out pretty awesome, had a blast putting it together.
Coming soon, Cancer Can’t, be looking for it.