About Hand Made Ink

I’m a one woman organization.  A total nerd.


I dance, sew, paint, draw, cross stitch, crochet, tie rope, work with clay & wood, make music, geek out on computers, I’m a gamer, dabble in photography, graphic editing and SEW much more.
I do everything here at Hand Made Ink! Advertising, graphics, photography, figure out shipping, packaging, inspections, I make (silly) videos and sometimes, I even model products!
When taking on new project, and I ask how they want it, I love to hear, “GO NUTS!” because believe me, I will, in a good way.
I LOVE what I do. 

Currently I’m battling Ewing’s Sarcoma, rare juvenile bone cancer.  It’s changed my life.. 

When I had radiation (It has no sound) I would listen to the music, to get away from reality. 

Below is my Garage Band version of what I think radiation should sound like.  Hence the name. I found the noises chosen for this song, were Radiationy enough.


You can follow my cancer journey on facebook, click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/handmadeink

Shop remains open, (Click here)

I opened Hand Made Ink because I needed outlet for my creations. People were already commissioning me to make them things. (Purses, blankets, etc)

So, I figured opening a shop couldn’t hurt.

Here we are almost 7 years later.  I’m not rich, but I’m happy.

It’s been awesome to be able to create. It’s even MORE awesome to know my items are loved.

HUGS to each of you.

Thanks for reading!

Love -Suzanne