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Covered in INK, print & paint in INK & sew much more… handmade with love by: Suzanne (Top Nerd of Hand Made Ink handmadeink).

Inspired by Day of the Dead sugar skulls, retro pin-ups, like Bettie Page and the Rockabilly, tattoo INK lifestyle..

*NEW.  See recently listed item to Hand Made Ink on Etsy, Tattoo inspired Handmadeink Wallet

.. or this! Rainbow Purse

Looking for unique?  Like this..

One of a kind hand printed baby shirt?

Are you pin-up? Looking for hair wraps, headband, bow clips or your favorite polka dot accessories? 

Are you a fan of made in U.S.A.?

Do you like handmade things?

Do you like hand cut stencil and brush painted one of a kind Clothing?

Do you like horror movies, Day of the Dead, Sugar skulls, comedy, cats, skaters, polka dots, animal print, art, nerds, gaming, cherries, tattoos, music, punk rock, metal?

Are you young, middle age, old?

If you answered yes to any of these questions.

Hand Made Ink is your place. 

My name is Suzanne

I like to make stuff. I’ve done it my whole life.

(Read more about me) Follow my journey.

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Hand Made Ink is something I’m very proud of.

I can do what I love, and others love what I do.

It’s perfect.

This website is not for everyone. My products are not for everyone. I am not for everyone..

Prairie Moon Belly Dancers

Not quite sure what this website will end up being, currently I sell, most exclusively, on Etsy, (Hand Made Ink does local vending).

Visit my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/handmadeink

The future of Hand Made Ink includes retail location.. somewhere in Nebraska and I plan to travel much more.

Hand Made Ink retail will be epic. Like, more epic than a handmade anchor circle skirt.

Yes, THAT kind of epic.

Follow me, I’m all over the place.  (See social links..)

Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog, (I don’t update it often enough, but I am getting better!)

Want cool, handmade stuff?

Let me help.. Contact me, today, for custom items for your home, for gifts, one of a kind items like cotton two handle, one handle purses, zipper pouches, wallets, bows, place settings for your dining table and much more.

THANKS so much for reading.

You rock and are worthy.  \m/

Go now and buy my stuff!


-Suzanne (Hand Made Ink Top Nerd)

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